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F.3 Integrated Humanities 2009-2010
‘Must Germany bear responsibility for starting the First World War, to a large extant?’

In 1914, the sarajevo incident was happened, this causes Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Austro-Serbian War began. Since the unstable relationship of the the two main europe power(the triple alliance and the triple entente), they fought each other by the happening of sarajevo incident . After a few week, the local war turned into a general war. It leaded to the world war one.
In 1918, the world war one was finished. Since the world war damaged a lot of countries, some of the people think Germany must bear responsibility for starting the First World War, to a larger extent. I agree that the germany must bear responsibility for starting the First World War.

The first reason is Germany was the first country to start the alliance system. In 1873 German Chancellor Bismarck formed the Three Emperors’ League. This marked the start of the Alliance System. Soon this after, The two main europe power----- the triple alliance and the triple entente were formed. Under the Alliance system, If there was a country started war, her allies may help she. So the local war may turn to the general war easily.

The second reason is germany put the most expenditure in rising their military. The armaments expenditure had increased for 330%. There was a only reason that why geramany using so much money on rising their military. The germans are ready for wars. Also, it may threaten the other countries. the other countries felt unsafe after that Therefore,the atmosphere in europe became more and more serious.

The thrid reason is that germany participated in colonial rivalries. Britian was the strongest colonial power at that time. Since Germany was a new industrial power, she wanted to set up more colonies to compelete with Britain. However, when the germans were setting up coloines. It causes conflicts with other countries. For example the moroccan...


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