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Test: The Awakening

Statement one: Kate Chopin selected the title of her novel for a reason.
Kate Chopin chose the title, The Awakening because that’s simply what it’s about. A woman named Edna Pontellier who “awakens”, or becomes empowered and more outgoing instead of being reserved. The title represents the awakening in Edna, with her becoming more social and more independent; less shy and her having more of a “sexual awareness” and her having more of a “voice” through out the novel. Edna learns to express herself through art.   This occurs in Chapter IX, when Edna hears Mademoiselle Reisz perform on the piano. The   previous music had called up images to her mind, the mademoiselle’s piano playing stirs her in a deeper way: “she saw no pictures of solitude, of hope, of longing, or of despair. But the very passions themselves were aroused within her soul, swaying it, lashing it, as the waves daily beat upon her splendid body.” As the music ceases to stir up images in Edna’s mind, it becomes for Edna a sort of call to something within herself. The art helps her to “awaken” more. So, in short, the title, represents Edna’s “awakening”. Her becoming more independent, her learning how to express herself, and most importantly, her finding her own voice.

Statement two: Robert Lebrun is an honorable man.
In the book, Robert attaches himself to Edna Pontellier during the summer and unexpectedly grows quite attached to her. But, knowing Edna’s marital status, he tries to distance himself by going to New Mexico; he tries to be honorable by not always reciprocating Edna’s advances. Robert writes a note saying, "I love you. Good-bye – because I love you," and leaves Edna’s house. This shows that he loves Edna, but he doesn’t want to get involved because she’s already married to Leonce. He(Robert) is being honorable by not trying to advance anything on Edna.

Statement three: Leonce Pontellier deserves our pity and sympathy
Leonce does deserve our pity and...


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