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Fate Romeo and Juliet

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Fate (also called chance, accident, or destiny) plays a vitally significant part in the play. From the beginning of the drama, Shakespeare calls Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers, for fate brings them together and fate is responsible for their tragic end. The family feud of the Capulet’s and Montague’s is the means by which fate acts. Romeo, who belongs to the Montague family, "crashes" the Capulet party in order to gain a glimpse of Rosaline, his supposed beloved. At the dance, fate intervenes and he falls in love with Juliet, who is a Capulet. She returns his love, and they are secretly married. Fate does not seem to smile on their union. Romeo, in order to defend the honor of his dead friend Mercuric, is forced into fighting and killing Tubal, Juliet's cousin. Romeo's fate is exile from Verona and his truly beloved Juliet. 

Fate causes Count Paris to become interested in Juliet just at the time of her marriage to Romeo. Not knowing about Juliet's marital status, Lord Capulet agrees to Paris' request for the hand of his daughter and plans a wedding for Juliet and Paris. Juliet defies fate and drinks a "magic" potion in order to avoid the fateful marriage. Friar Lawrence attempts to send a message to Romeo about the "apparent death" of Juliet, but, due to fate, the messenger cannot leave Verona because of the plague. Romeo happens to hear about Juliet's death from his servant Balthasar and decides he must join Juliet's fate in eternity. When he enters the tomb, he notices the scarlet of Juliet's cheek, signaling that she is soon to awake from her trance. He mistakes the color as the beauty of her being shining through to defy death. If he had arrived five minutes later, Juliet would have been awake and the two deaths would have been avoided. Clearly, fate controls the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

There are many things you may want to consider, religion, divine right, destiny. divine intervention.

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