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-(For the French revolution) Napoleon helped recapture the city of Toulon from anti revolutionary forces.+ to save the convention from rehullious citizens.+ ordered cannons to force grape shot point blank into crowed.
-He promised Italians a freedom during Italian campaign but, that was just overstated.
-he wanted to capture Egypt, cuz it might cut Britain off from her great and wealthy colony in India.
After Napoleon overthrew the directory he adopted the title of First consul. (Civil law: right to hold property, freedom of religion and to pursue work of one’s choice.+ women lost their rights.+ employed many people, built new harbors and canals, filled museums with art, established new universities and school, in titled a program of public works.)     -1804, he crowned himself Emperor of France.   -he exerted control over: country’s affairs+ even had a secret police force+ media, the law, and the education system.         -continental system: to make Britain trade with other countries+ to stop all its trade with Europe.+ Countries in his empire couldn’t trade with Britain or its carnies, like Canada +cuz he had no control over the seas, he couldn’t enforce the continental system.   -the battle of waterloo!   -Louis XVIII ruled after him.   -the map of Europe was divided into new countries and provinces after the Treaty of Tilsit in 1807.     -he made his family member as monarchs.   -he replaced old laws with the Napoleonic code+ encouraged religious tolerance+ many features of the old feudal system were laid to rest.   -he used nationalism to help him defeat the Austrian Empire, one of his principal enemies.     -too much nationalism can become a racism+ help to bring about many wars (world war I, II in 20th)   -war with Spain; loss; viewed him as a tyrant too much, nationalism refused to surrender their land, Spanish were stubbend.   War with Russia; loss; the army live off the land, were far from the bases, proved to be effective and deadly, amount of people....


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