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Peace Keeping in Dafur

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The world is made up of nations or countries with different ideologies and interest. The needs of these nations are varied as indicated by their national interest and values, which leads to conflict situations that require peace between them. According to pirages, “conflict, violence and warfare have been an enduring characteristic of organized societies including nations” it is in realization of the existence of conflicts and wars between or within nations that they often evolve multilateral security arrangements aimed at resolving them.
Conflicts are realities of human interaction. At the early stage of development of society, conflicts were known to have the character of context over space and resources. Overtime and especially pre-colonial era in Africa, the characteristics of conflicts were based on competition for hegemony among various kingdoms, states and empires. While colonialism resolved some of these conflicts, it also sowed the seed of conflicts because African countries became polarized along colonial interest which affects the capacity of Africans to cooperate and live in peace. In post colonial Africa, a good number of conflicts are civil strife or insurgencies arising from contests for political power to secede. Following this, it has become a tradition for external bodies to seek restoration of peace and security through peace-keeping force intervention.
The United Nations organization came into existence in 1945 and was based in New York. It was created in the aftermath of World War II to promote international peace and cooperation. Its roots can be traced back to the League of Nations, which was founded after World War I. with the League being unable to prevent the outbreak of the war (World War II) it was dissolved.
The United Nations was officially founded at the conference on international organization covered at San Francisco in April 1945. The charter came into force on the 14th of October after the fifty (50) members Nations...


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