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It Is Impossible to Believe in God in Today's World

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If we travel to the past we can study the full faith of the people in God. People believed completely and sincerely in God and everybody went to church at least once a week. What has happened now? It has gradually changed. More and more people believe less in God but this is normal because of today’s customs and Discoveries.
We should consider that science has developed too much to be able to think that there is a god who has created our environment, everything. For example children are not taught and educated anymore with religious ideas such as the story of Adam and Eva, how the woman was formed and how nature was formed. Children are now taught about genetics, evolutions such as from ape to man and theories such as the ‘Big-Bang’ explosion and how the universe was formed; therefore, if you are educated with these theories since you were small how can you possibly believe the existence of God?
Comparing to the past, if you observe how many people go to church or how many people pray to God you can see that the number is decreasing rapidly which is not surprising with all these scientific explications. Nowadays every single thing that surrounds us has an explication: how seeds form, how humans are formed, why it rains… it is very difficult to think that God is the one who controls all this.
Many people argue this and think that there must be a God who has started everything and is always there when you need him. These people don’t consider that when you have an accident or an illness God is not going to help you to solve it you need science; you need the medicine created to cure yourself.
One of the supposed sins that we must not commit is crime and still many people commit it. Do these people go to hell? Or are punished as they should? The answer is no, they stay some years in prison and then go out so how can we possibly believe in God if the people who deserve to be punished are not punished? And everybody asks question to themselves of how can God who...


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