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Studies of Religion Impact of the Da Vinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has a wealth of information discussing the book itself, the ‘facts’ in the book and how successful the novel has been since its release. There has been great controversy around this book and the Christian community, especially Catholic.   There are multiple publishing’s in all forms of media talking about the text and the assertions in the book, from television to radio to newspaper and books. Texts from newspaper articles and Dan Brown’s official website give insight to relevant and background information.
The following report addressed the question “Does Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” impact on Christianity as a whole and its members, if so, does it change their perspective on the Bible?”
Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is widely recognised as one of the very most successful and popular books in our generation’s time, and has even spent more than 58 weeks on The Sydney Morning Herald’s top sellers list (Sydney Morning Herald, Top 10 The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, 05/02/05). Inspiring not only an innumerable amount of texts trying to find fault in the book and reaffirm the teachings of the church, but also a number of books simply talking about and helping to explain the best-selling crime-fiction thriller. It is the contentious topics and controversy surrounding it that has brought the text and its author to the forefront of people’s attention again and again since its initial release.
The text goes against some of the most basic principles of the Christian faith, thus undermining the most popular religions in the world, and suggesting that they have been involved in centuries of lies, murder, conspiracy, treachery and massacres. While it is more than likely the Catholic Church and other Christian churches have had their fair share of all of these things (the purpose of this report is not to secure or disprove the validity of the allegations made in The Da Vinci Code, but instead to simply discuss how it is effecting the...


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