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How to Produce Energy in 2025

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How to produce electrical energy in the year 2025?

      The reservoirs of Fossil Fuels are shrinking and the amount of energy we are using is becoming more from year to year. Also, the environment is suffering under the green house gases produced by fossil fuels. It is becoming obvious that we need an alternative energy source in for the future, without having the change our social lives. In the year 2008 we used a total of 474 exajoules (474×1018 J) worldwide. From that huge amount energy nearly 80% to 90% was produced by fossil fuels, including oil, coal and gas. However, these resources are shrinking rapidly. Already in 43 years all of the world’s oil reservoirs are used up, in 63 years all natural gas reservoirs will be used up and only with careful mining will the coal mines exist for another 148 years. And as our energy consumption is immensely growing from year to year, we will be facing an energy problem very soon. According to the American Energy Information Administration (EIA) and to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world-wide energy consumption will increase by 2% per year. This will mean that in the year 2025 we will have an energy consumption of 665 Quadrillion Btu per year, which is 701.6415 exajoules. In comparison with the consumption in 2008 that is nearly double the amount of energy needed to satisfy us.
      While the amount of energy produced becomes larger, the environmental issue becomes more and more serious. Fossil fuels have a very strong impact on our environment, as, when brunt, they release a lot of green house gases. This has contributed to global warming, climate change, flooding and droughts etc. However we do not want to have a reduce in our living quality. The environmental friendliest solution would be using more renewable energy sources, such as solar electricity, wind power or hydroelectricity. Even though they are friendly to the environment and renewable, meaning they will never run out, they do have one major...


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