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Illegal Immigrants

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Over many years, people around the world have been coming to America for many reasons. The population of the country has tremendously increased over the last decade. People around the world come to America because of the land of opportunity. There are more jobs, better education and safer environment to live in. As more people come to a country, it leads to chaos and the environment becomes less safe. Illegal immigrants coming to America has affected the country in many ways.
Coming to a country, people procure visas and passports that support their identification from the country of origin to the country where they choose to seek residence. An illegal immigrant comes to the country unidentified, living for so many years and tries to become part of that country. (Kenneth S. Hoyt) There are about 12 million illegal immigrants residing in America without legal documentation or official sanction and many of them are from areas such as Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. These people are coming to the country illegally and breaking the laws of the country. These are the way to become an illegal immigrant.
As the population increased over these years, the number of jobs is needed to be increased as well. As people are coming to America, their taking the jobs that Americans would have taken and gave them less chance to have a job. Theses illegal immigrants work at a low skill and low wage rate that people are looking to spend. In America, cheap labor has become a huge accomplishment towards big businesses and industries. These big businesses would rather pay to the immigrants than a regular America because an American would want a bigger wage. If there were no illegal immigrants, the US employers would be forced to raise wages to attract American workers.(Adam Davidson) Since undocumented workers generally don’t pay income tax, but use schools and other government services, there seen as drain on government spending.   Jobs are one affect that illegal immigrants...


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