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Drug abuse has existed throughout the age, the use of laudanum, opium and smelling salts are common in writings and history. King George 5th is known to have been addicted to laudanum and Robert silent eloquent, relieves pain and stress and makes the infirm strong. India introduced opium to China, from where it found a way to the west, to England and all the way to California. In the mid 19th century cocoa leaves were given to farm laborers in Peru to chew on, this increased their stamina for working long hours in the fields. At the same time, chloral hydrate, which was used as an anesthetics in those times found its way into the opiates and by 1871 Thirty six million doses had hit the market. The same century saw the use of arsenic in Austria and Slovenia and chloroform began being used as an intoxicant from Ireland to Norway. By 1856 morphine entered the fold and 1884 saw the discovery of cocaine during the American Civil War. By 1898 a chemical compound developed to treat asthma and tuberculosis with the trade mark Heroin had addicts snorting, sniffing, inhaling and injecting the substance to gain nirvana. With the dearness of the products, opium and marijuana has become cash crop in many 3rd world countries. Drugs today have altogether gained a new dimension, the use of synthetically produced additives has ruined generations and encouraged disease, has broken families and even led to murder. Drug addiction is one of the major ills of world societies today, it’s see not caste mot creed not wealth not poverty, not education not tradition, it can strike anywhere and time, so societies need to be vigilant or else we will be confronted with yet again a world of lotus eaters, only with the lotus having progressed to the likes of crack and ecstasy.

The State of Addicts and their Nations:
  * Renders a Whole generation useless, creates a more dependant and unproductive population
  * Drugs are detrimental to health, human and financial resources and...


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