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Public Murder in Bulgaria

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Public murder in Bulgaria have turned as if into a standard practice of settling accounts between Bulgarian mafiots. On the eve of our integration to EU ,another shooting took place yesterday(20.11) at the capital's centre.Some time ago,they said that European Committion issued a warning that unles we combat criminal activity,we would delay our membership.Naturally,our criminal-precedure code has been changed to meet certain requirements.Yet nobody can feel the difference as long as such murders continue.

Bulgarian policy in this issue remains a mystery.Activity is simulated and big promises made daily .Seeing that in fact one can hardly feel protected in this country,the dreams of many young bulgarians are on the way of dying.Besides,everyday information as if drives a nail into the coffin of our dreams.For example,when suspects of any criminal deeds are arrested by the police,usually two solitions exists-either paying a bribe to be released or delaying the court hearing of a case.The reason probably doesn't lie so much in lack of strong   laws,but lack of strong control over them being observed.Moreover,there are   many loopholes allowing for corrupting officials.The combination of the latter and the boldness with which gangsters take the law into their own hands is destructive,and it is not only when we talk about murders.

Such a picture may be considered a habitual lifestyle in BG but many would certainly find it far from appealing.To EU we would be like the sword of Damocles,to other Euopean countries -a thorn in their eyes .In the middle of all,there is the normal population who live under constant threat .What if a gangster is mistaken or somebody else shot by chance-as it happened to a 16-year-old girl ,partying at a disco?Or what may happen to many petty businessman if they   somehow enter the battle between economical and political interests and get "punished" for their capitalistic desires,as it happen to the owner of a dairy in a small town in the...


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