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View from the Bridge

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“A View from the Bridge” was a fascinating story that was more than just any kind of drama. “A View from the Bridge” is a play that just got off Broadway and is now performed at Lehman College, in the Studio. This play is written by Arthur Miller who was born in New York City and studied at the University of Michigan. This is a play that took place in Brooklyn, New York during the 1950s. As a narrator and a lawyer in this play, Alfieri (Sean Connelly) talks about the main character, Eddie Carbone (cast - Joshua Hernendez) who is a longshoreman and lives with his wife, Beatrice (cast – April Marks) and his orphaned niece, Catherine (cast – Lydia Diaz), whom he is passionate about. Beatrice’s two cousins, Marco (Jorge Alvarez) and Rudolpho (Davi Santos) illegally came over to America from Italy to get a better life and to find a job to help the family back home. When Catherine falls in love with Rudolpho, Eddie’s secret desire for his niece starts to evolve. Eddie’s jealousy hits the roof and it consumes him, his family and his world.
One of the themes that had a major role in this play was abandonment. Eddie Carbone, the longshoreman, starts to feel that he was abandoned by his niece when he sees her wearing these black high heels. High heels are a symbol for sexuality and maturity in a woman. Eddie has been taking care of his niece, Catherine, ever since her mom had died and when she wore those shoes, it was a sign of threat. Catherine loves wearing heels because it attracts men and it is for the same reason that Eddie starts to feel uncomfortable and threatened. He starts to feel terrified and fears that his niece is growing up and will leave him with someone else in mind. Eddie’s jealousy over Catherine’s love for Rudolpho, and his fear of abandonment led him to irrational measures and eventually his downfall.
The setting of the play was a portion of the community where there are two buildings: one where Eddie, his wife, and his niece were living and another...


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