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Histroy Report on Lol

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For instance, one example is that, if a child is late by a small five minutes then they are fined 2d! And that is a lot for lower-class working families, who depend on these wages to live. Why can’t the factory owner’s just make them work five minutes longer at the end of the day? Then no body would loose out and the children would be more eager to turn up to work the next day, knowing they won’t get beaten.
Another valid point I must state, is that these workers are practically being starved. They must eat (if allowed) standing up. And if the owner of the factory doesn’t allow them to eat, then it is as simple as – they do not eat. If we make a law saying that these children have to have at least half an hours break for lunch and have breaks in between to go to the privies. Otherwise, they will continue to litter the floor and you will have to keep fining and beating them.
Also, in these factories, safety precautions are unheard of. They are shoving poor youngsters underneath fully working machines to pick up the scraps like bits of thread, bobbins e.c.t. and because of this, so many accidents are happening. Such as fingers being chopped off, broken bones and skin stripped of all flesh, so just the bone is left. Nothing is done to prevent this. And this is not the only type of “accidents” that occur. They happen for may different reasons. Like a young girl called Mary Richards, who was crushed while attending a drawing frame and got pulled under by her apron. There is no automatic shutdown, so they could rescue the girl from the ultimate death. She suffered and nobody even cared enough to help or at least try and help. A lot of people didn’t even pause to watch her or mourn her painful and scary death.


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