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[pic] |Glyn Hughes' Squashed Philosophers
The Condensed Edition of
Adolf Hitler's
My Struggle
... in 9,000 words
"The world is not there to be possessed by the faint-hearted races."   | |
|©     |This page does not contain Hitler's Mein Kampf, but an abridged summary for privare study and research only. Copyright may |
|     |exist on the original work.                                                                                                 |

The history of Hitler and the Nazi ideology are too well known to need repeating here. What does deserve some justification is why one of the leading ogres of the twentieth-century has been granted a place among the illustrious Squashed Philosophers. Great is not the same thing as good, the power and influence of the book are beyond question; but there seem to be two worthwhile classes of argument in favour of its exclusion
1) Mein Kampf was not actually written by Hitler, but ghostwritten by his assistant Emil Maurice, drastically edited by Rudolf Heß and other party propagandists, while the Murphy translation used here appears to have been 'doctored' to make Hitler appear wiser than he was. There may be some truth in this, but it doesn't in any way detract from the significance of its content.
2) The political philosophy presented in Mein Kampf is now known to have terrifying consequences, but the work is so powerfully written that even the wise risk being drawn in. This seems to be the view of the government of Bavaria, who control Hitler's estate, and oppose all reproduction of the book.

To be honest, I don't know. Here is Mein Kampf, decide for yourself...
|THE VERY SQUASHED VERSION                                                                                             |
|I: I was born at Braunau-on-the-Inn, in Austria on the German border. My favourite book was a history of the         |
|Franco-German War. My father wanted me to become a Government official. But I had a...


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