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Evolution of Entertainment

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The first information I would need to evaluate this opportunity is how much money I have to invest, and who controls the the approval of transferring funds.   If I am the sole source for decision making, I would create a staff and assign different sections to investigate and provide results of the following tasks:

    • Check the pest control agency state by state and ask for the rodent (mouse/rat) population.
    • Check prices of current mouse traps on the market.
    • Check current sales of mouse traps state wide.
    • Research stores for commitments of orders.
    • Evaluate shipping costs, manufacture cost, and storage costs.
    • Evaluate promotion costs.

Once the above information is presented to me, I weigh the cost benefits of each category and decide if the risk for investment is justified.   Once I decide the risk is justified, I will prioritize the areas for cost consideration.   Upon completion of cost consideration, I present the plan to board members or however needs to be briefed concerning the investment of funds.

The mission statement goal will be to “Capitalize/Monopolize the Mouse Trap Industry” by providing the most economical and user friendly trap available to the consumer. .

My mission statement would provide all available data that would include the following:
    • Sales data of sister companies
    • Listing of stores who do and do not sale the traps
    • Current sales trends by season
    • Projected sale trends
    • Forecast of commercial advertisement
    • Projected surplus of sales

The data will be compared the all local selling traps and show the trends in sells.   My mission statement will display the urgency to quickly saturate the market with literature depicting the superior quality of my trap, and the urgency to seek placement of the trap in all major supply outlets around the country.

I feel Martha has not identified the best target market.   The chain of distributer she choose have limited...


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