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Do You Live to Work, or Work to Live?

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Do you work to live or live to work?

This is a question I think of often as I approach the end of high school and look ahead to collage. I wonder to myself if I am preparing myself to be influenced by the world surrounding me with an environment rich society full of fortune 500 company jobs or the realization that I may have to struggle just to get a job anywhere and have to fight to get one.

Education is the key to be successful but with such a competitive world for jobs you have to do it better. I would love to think I could be in a world of “live to work” where job security is sound and retirement is a golden guarantee. Knowing when I reach the age of retirement that I will still be able to enjoy a future from all my hard work.

The realization of the truth is that I will be like many others in the workforce today and that is “work to live”. I will be working everyday wondering how to pay the bills and feed the family. I don’t want nights filled with restless sleep planning out a future and retirement plan from a budget that just doesn’t have the funds.

I want to be happy in future my job, my life, and with myself. With this question on my mind I have approached this with a mature attitude and have begun research for finical planning, investing, and long range goals so I can have a fulfilled life.


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