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God Always Answers Prayers

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‘God always answers prayers’ (6 marks)

    Prayers are a way of contacting God, usually through words. Some people, mainly religious, believe that if you pray to God, He will listen to it, and answer it. This could lead people to be even stronger in their faith and religion.
    A reason why people would argue that prayers are always answered, is if you always pray to God with a good heart and have strong confidence in your prayers, God will certainly answer them. This will, as a result, make people pray even more and become more regular in praying. Also, if you pray with a thought that they will actually be answered, then they will come true as well.
    On the other hand, peoples prayers aren’t answered is if there is a lack of God’s presence; you don’t feel connected with God. This could cause prayers to be unanswered, because if you don’t think that there is someone that is going to answer them, and then there will be no answer. Also, people could think that prayers are not being answered, because if you pray for someone to get better, and they die. This is another reason why people could feel that their prayers aren’t being answered, because as the ill person has not got better, and died, people will think that there isn’t actually anyone listening to their prayers, and this could also cause people to not believe in God.
    Personally, I think that God always answers prayers, because from my own experiences, if you pray to God with a good thought, then they will be answered. Also, I think that if you are religious, then you are more likely to pray than non-religious people; and if you think that there is a God answering your prayers then your prayers will also be easily answered.


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