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Inferiority Complex

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´On having an inferiority complex`

      Complexes are fashionable nowadays: those who do not have an Oedipus complex, for instance, seem to be out of fashion. Whenever we have a problem with human relationships, psychologists tell us we still suffer from the Oedipus complex or something similar. Nevertheless, complexes are not a modern phenomenon, they have always existed, even before psychologists coined the terms inferiority and superiority complexes.
      All of us are likely to have a complex. Whether it is an inferiority or superiority one, it seems that physical defects, mental limitations of social discrimination are the shared causes for both types of complexes. Why is it that a person has a superiority complex? Perhaps showing off all the time, so as to make others believe they are much better than us, is just a way of hiding their inner weaknesses. It is said that those with superiority complexes are few but that they are who ‘rule the world’ as their dynamic, domineering and aggressive personality help them emphasize the fact that they are better than others. But not all that glitters is gold, that is, are they being themselves or just having double personalities?
      Parental attitudes at nursery times seem to be essential for the development of our personality. Those who have younger brothers or sisters definetely know what feeling inferior means. Whether it is true or not, younger siblings are always better than us: ‘Look at your little brother, he’s only four and knows how to use a knife and a fork’ or ‘How comes that he’s only four and behaves better than you’. These are just some of the negative remarks parents addressed to the eldest. Thus, having younger brothers or sisters may turn out to be a nightmare. Even if they are little babies and not grown enough, younger siblings have the ability to make us feel small, they are like little tyrants who rule the world. No matter how hard we try to draw our parents’ atention, we will fail. Those...


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