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Student Stress in College

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Delivrance Tufuka Delivrance 1
Mrs. Morris
English 111-02
07 June 2010
Effects of stress on students in college

Many students face stress as they try to mix up busy lives, school, and work; while they are trying also to have time with family and friend. For some student, stress becomes almost a way of living. However, it is really dangerous to let stress become student’s way of living in college, because some stress levels can lead to a terrible effect that changes completely student’s life and it may result to a fail. When the brain is familiar with stress, a physical reaction is triggered; and it easily damages the memory, and may lead to further mental reactions or misconduct.
College has many levels of studying and thinking. Some levels of stress play a terrible role in student’s brain mentally.   Lack of concentration is the first result of mental reaction that occur the most frequent in the student. When the brain is attacked by stress, it blocks his way of thinking; and our memory is comparing to jungle. In the jungle there are wild plants, twisted trees and millions of animals. It is difficult to learn actively when our memory is dealing with diverse situations. The most likely things student can think of by then are the problem which caused to stress. Some courses in college level require critical thinking and productivity that is different to an auto pilot. An auto pilot student is the student who always asks for the direction to solve problems, and he is expecting that all the problems are done the same which is not always true in college. Low productivity, which is the second effect of mental reaction, in student may result to a fail or confusion in class that can lead to dropout.
Delivrance 2
After the brain is massively attacked and challenged by the higher level of stress, it leads to the physical disorders such as missing classes, coming to class late, dropping out and panic during exam. Mind and body are inextricably linked and...


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