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Differences and Similarities of the Characters of the Play " an Inspector Calls"

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An Inspector Calls
Compare and contrast two characters from the play “An Inspector Calls”. Explain how Priestly communicates his ideas through them to the audience whilst entertaining them.
  * Social and historical context,
  * 1914-1918 WWI,
  * Depression 1920s-1930s,
  * 1939-1945 WWII,
  * Priestley’s intentions – socialist views,
  * Dramatic devices and how they are used,
  * How language is used to present their characters,
  * Impact on the audience and,
  * Structure of the play.

John Priestly (the writer of “An Inspector Calls”) became troubled about the outcome of social inequality in Britain, 1930 and in 1942 he and some others set up the “Common Wealth Party” which was a new political party that stood for public ownership of land, greater democracy, and new principles in politics.
Priestley’s most popular play “An Inspector Calls” was written in 1943 but set in 1912 in the make believe city of Brumley. The first act shows the Birling’s and Gerald Croft celebrating Gerald and Sheila Birling’s engagement over dinner. Sheila and Eric are arguing in a brotherly-sisterly fashion while Mr Birling and Gerald’s conversation revolves around politics and business. Mr Birling also talks about his view on the World War One and the Titanic. He says that “the world’s developing so fast that it’ll make war impossible”. Mr Birling also mentions his friend who sailed on the Titanic and boasts about how luxurious and unsinkable the ship is. This is known as dramatic irony because the words and actions of Mr Birling have a different meaning to us and in reality the WW1 did happen and the Titanic did sink. The audience then begin to doubt Mr Birling’s opinions and if he’s wrong about the sinking of the ship and the beginning of the war then he must be wrong about other matters soon to come.
During the first act the characters are introduced to the Inspector when the door bell suddenly rings and he informs the Birling’s and Gerald of...


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