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“Here we are interviewing the most interesting characters in the novel JINX that has been recommended to the teenagers to help with the common problems you get during your teenage years because you may one day face these problems. The book takes us on a great and wild adventure into different characters and there different lifestyles, there major loss, how they cope, how they learn to forgive and forget and just move on. Today we shall interview the two most main characters in the novel which are of course Jen and her mother who will answer our questions so stay tuned to hear from them.”

      Jen’s mother
  1. Why did your husband leave and why didn’t he want Grace? “Well he left because he was just a frightened boy and I don’t blame him. He just didn’t want to spend the rest of his life worrying about a disabled child; he thinks disabled children shouldn’t be born because it won’t be fair for them later on in life. He was young and maybe he didn’t think and made a mistake but I am pretty sure he some how regrets leaving us and running away, nothing will really be the same especially for Jen who suffered a lot from her father’s separation. He did want Grace and loved her but was upset because she was disabled and didn’t want her to be born so she doesn’t have to live with the illness and be disabled for the rest of her life. It is quite sad seeing your precious daughter grow in front of you being different from other girls and not being able to have the same potential, it is very difficult for Grace but she doesn’t express this. Grace is not able to have children because they will also be disabled, that is the saddest thing that could happen to grace. She doesn’t know yet but we will have to some how explain it to her and let her understand …. It will be hard, very, very, very hard. This is the saddest thing not only for Grace but for her family and especially her parents. Her dad loved us but couldn’t stay, unfortunately he had to leave us and leave me...


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