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Some people don’t think rationally on the video that has been viewed on YouTube was that a fifteen year old girl had sex with three hundred guys trying to get pregnant with a baby.   Thinking that she would not have any trouble raising her baby and she can get everything that is needed for the baby and not need any help from her mom or any other person.

The video started out by stating what happened to Victoria by her mom talking and explaining in details that she was trying to have a baby by anyone possible, she been collecting baby items like blankets.   As they discuss the situation Victoria shows that it is not a big deal of what happened.   As it was time for victoria to come out on the stage on Murrays show they discuss the situation a little more by confessing her of what happened and what she is trying to do.   The mom and Murray try to confess Victoria about what she is doing is a big mistake and she should stop.

      There was some debate, dialogue in this video on how what she is doing is wrong and her keep insisting that it’s not a big deal, dialogue happened by talking to her about what she is doing and what she wanted it out of it.   Deliberation was involved into trying to show what her actions were and if they were wrong or right to do. There was no Decision at the end.   There could have been a decision if Murray would let Victoria come up with her final decision instead of cutting her off by over talking and let her finish what she had to say.

      Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaXPxxk3sKg&feature=related


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