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Sometimes You Sould Do What You Don't Want

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People all have choices in their lives: do only what they want or choose to do not enjoyable things. In my opinion, doing things that people don’t like is sometimes necessary because they should take their responsibilities, and they want to reach their goals in the future.

Firstly, it is his or her responsibilities for others that one chooses to do something uninteresting. It may be for people they live with or for their parents. What if someone hates doing housework but their parents need them to do it? What if they have to choose communities’ benefits instead of theirs? That means that they can not do what they like to do. For example, your government needs you to move your house away so that they can have your land to build a new bridge. If you choose to stay in your house and do not agree to move, it will be a big trouble to everyone. In contrast, what you lose, which is bad for your shake, will make others happy.

Secondly, people do things they dislike in order to reach their objectives. Almost everyone loves playing, resting and having fun everyday but not sweating at work. However, if life were easy like that, they would be in the heaven! In fact, the achievement of all goals is not for free. To reach your dream of studying at MIT, for example, you have to get high grades in your Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Nevertheless, Chemistry is not your interest, what should you do? Obviously, you have to read lots of Chemistry books or take part in a number of Chemistry classes. You keep studying Chemistry well as a proverb says: “Keep moving forward”. The result of doing uninteresting thing is: Your marks are perfect, so you have a great chance to go to MIT as you wish.

In conclusion, you can not always do what you want. Sometimes, make a change is a better way. I hope everybody in the world can understand this fact and make their decisions wisely.


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