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History of Greek Medicine

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The first known Greek medical school opened in Cnidus in 700 BC. Alcmaeon, author of the first anatomical work, worked at this school, and it was here that the practice of observing patients was established.

The existence of the Hippocratic Oath implies that this "Hippocratic" medicine was practiced by a group of professional physicians bound (at least among themselves) by a strict ethical code.

The training included some oral instruction and probably hands-on experience as the teacher's assistant, since the Oath assumes that the student will be interacting with patients. The Oath also places limits on what the physician may or may not do ("To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug") and intriguingly hints at the existence of another class of professional specialists, perhaps akin to surgeons ("I will leave this operation to be performed by practitioners, specialists in this art").

The establishment of a school of Greek medicine in Alexandria where actual medical research was done.with major advances in biology, especially in cardio, where diagnostic techniques were developed.

Comparitive studies between animals and humans.

Through long contact with Greek culture, and their eventual conquest of Greece, the Romans absorbed many of the Greek ideas on medicine.

This acceptance led to the spread of Greek medical theories throughout the Roman Empire, and thus a large portion of the West. Following the collapse of the Empire, however, official Catholic support for Galen's teachings made these the only politically acceptable ideas on medicine until the Renaissance.

Medicine was very important to the Greek culture because such a high priority was placed upon such healthy lifestyles.

Thus the progress of Greek medicine brought us the study of modern medicine and its practices thru today.


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