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Question 1- Antarctica, The Coolest Place on Earth

To begin with, the seventh continent is in the middle of its own lithospheric plate, completely isolated from other continents. It was part of Gondwanaland throughout the Paleozoic, stuck together with Africa, South America, Australia, and India. But then during the Jurassic that supercontinent slowly broke up over a hundred million years, until Australia split from it and left Antarctica alone, beginning in the Eocene about 50 million years ago. You can follow the history at the Paleomap Project site.
Ever since that time, the ocean has surrounded it on all sides, turning around it in a great westward current. Antarctica has gotten colder and colder, cooling the rest of the planet along with it. Over the years, it has accumulated a gigantic layer of ice to a height of 3,000 meters. That huge central mound stands up nearly halfway through the atmosphere, so like a bald-headed man with no hat, it loses heat directly to outer space. The cold air that results flows right off the ice cap by gravity, picking up speed as it goes, until the resulting katabatic winds roar off the continent's edge onto the sea.

Question 2- List of highest mountains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

|Rank                       |Mountain                                               |Height (m)                  |Height (ft)                 |Range                                                  |
|                                         |By volume                                                                                                                       |By weight                 |
|earth fast facts. Planet pals.           |"surface area: 196,935,000 (i.e. 197,000,000) sq miles percent of earths [sic] ocean 70% *                                     |153,295,000 km2           |
|                                         |percent of earths [sic] land: 30"...


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