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Christmas Pagan Origins

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Christmas Pagan Origins
This article about Christmas and the origins of this holiday’s tradition was very informative and interesting. What I found very surprising was that most of these traditions are not christen religious beliefs and have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. I was surprised to find out that most of these traditions are adapted from a religion that does not even worship Jesus, but worships other Gods. Some of my views about Christmas have definitely changed; the fact that Christmas is not even being celebrated when Jesus might have been born seems rather childish to me, the believers of this religion should research and find the right date of the birth of Jesus, rather than just following a tradition over religion. Traditions such as Christmas trees, gift giving, caroling and such are not authentically christen today because most religions now celebrate with the distribution of gifts, such as Islam, on Eid, there is distribution of money and presents, on Kwanza distribution of presents is also very common and many others. Singing carols is also very common now days; it is practiced by many religions, on Hanukkah, carols are sang along with Christmas carols, Kwanza carols are also sang around the same time. If the true date of the Jesus’ birth was discovered now, I do not think that it would make such a difference to the holiday, I think people would be celebrating Christmas at the same time, because of the fact that they are so used to it. I do believe that if the real birth of Jesus was discovered, it should definitely reflect the actual date for Christmas because if celebrating a day that does not actually represent anything special is just as celebrating a normal day, instead of celebrating the actual birth of Jesus. I agree with Lutheran minister, that Christmas trees, decorations and such are distractions from the celebration of the birth of Jesus; I believe so, because all these are adapted traditions from different cultures and...


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