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Book Report "Stay with Me"

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The book I read was Stay With Me by, Garret Freymann - Weyr. In this book the setting at first was in Brooklyn, New York. As the book goes on the main character in this book Leila, ends up moving in with her sister Claire who also lives in Brooklyn. In this book the main setting is in Brooklyn. The only other   setting in this book is Poland. Leila’s parents vacation there.
This is important because it’s a big city and news dose not travel as fast as it would in a small town. After Leila’s sister commits suicide one would think that the whole family would know in about two days. It actually takes the news about 2-weeks to get to the whole family. If the setting wasn’t in Brooklyn then maybe the news would have gotten around quicker than it did. That’s why the setting is important to the book.
The setting fits into the plot because, it shows the even though it’s a big city that one may conceder being wonderful one may still need to get away from it. In this book it shows that because of all that’s happened to his family, Leila’s mother and father need to get away from the city; so they go to Poland for a couple of weeks. Also it shows that even though Lelia stayed in Brooklyn, she really wanted to get away from all of the hassle of the city, and went to live with her sister in the outskirts of Brooklyn with her sister.
Those are some of the reasons that the setting of the book are important to the book. Also how the setting fits in with the plot of the book. On the next page one will come to get to know two main characters of this book.


There are many characters in this book but I will only be informing the reader about two. The first main character in this book is Lelia. The youngest of three daughters of two different mothers. The second main character of this book is Claire. The third of three children. These are the two main characters of this book.
Lelian is sixteen years old. She is the youngest of all three...


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