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Shelly Cashman Excel Chapter 2: Lab 1 (Scenario 2)
Cafe Cabinetry
Sales Analysis Worksheet
Use Save As
Apply a theme to a worksheet
Modify column width
Modify row height
Edit text in cells
Edit numbers in cells
Enter formulas
Fill adjacent cells with formulas
Create a formula using the Insert Function button
Create formulas using the SUM function
Create formulas using the AVERAGE function
Create formulas using the MAX function
Create formulas using the MIN function
Center cell content
Merge cells and center their content
Set cell color
Apply styles
Change the font color
Change font size
Add borders
Apply bold and italics
Format cells before entering data
Apply accounting and percent number formats
Apply date and comma number formats
Modify worksheet names
Project overview
You are an assistant in the sales department of Cafe Cabinetry, a manufacturer of custom-made cabinets for residential and commercial buildings. The sales manager asks you to create a sales analysis worksheet that displays the net sales amount and quota met for each sales region. She also asks you to calculate the percentage of sales quota met overall. The completed worksheet should look similar to the one shown in Figure 2-1.
FIGURE 2-1      

SC_Excel_2b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx (Note: Download your personalized start file from sam2007.course.com)
Open the file SC_Excel_2b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx and save the file as SC_Excel_2b_FirstLastName_2.xlsx before you move to the next step. Verify that your name appears in cell B4 of the Documentation sheet. (Note: Do not edit the Documentation sheet. If your name does not appear in cell B4, please download a new copy of the start file from the SAM Web site.)
Apply the Apex theme to the workbook by using the Themes button on the...


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