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Half Husky

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Half Husky - Vocabulary
Kat Gamache
July 13/10

1. Plebian: A commoner; an especially uncultured member of the lower class
2. Spurned: Rejected or refused with contempt
3. Pallid: Pale; Feeble
4. Mottled: Marked with spots of color
5. Lethargic: (adj) A lack f energy and enthusiasm; sluggishness
6. Chloroformed: (n) A colorless liquid, formely used as a general anosthetic
7. Flamboyant: confident and exciting in a way that attracts attention
8. Enmity: Hostility
9. Demented: Wild and irrational
10. Magnanimously: (adj) Nobly generous; Not petty in feeling or conduct
11. Forays: A sudden attack; A raid
12. Moronically: A person who is notibaly stupid or lacking in good judgement
13. Mute: Non-speaking; Lacking the faculty of speech; Silent; a person who cannot or will not speak
14. Paradoxically: (adj) A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement which may prove to be true
15. Decrepit: Worn out by age and infirmity; Worn out by long use
16: Askew: Not straight or level
17: Acrid: Having an unpleasantly bitter or pungent taste or smell
18: Velour: Fabric with a velvet like finish
19: Respite: A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpeasant
20: Amber: A yellowish translucent fossilized resin

Character Foils

1. Examine Grandfather Connor's character using the following categories supported by quotations from the story:
Age: Late 80's
Appearence: Straight walk, bulky body,
Beliefs: "Touched neither tobacco nor snuff" "wine was a mocker and strong drink was raging"
Treatment of others: He is very old fashioned, thinking things should go his way, and if someone doesn't do things the way he wants, he cracks down hard on them.

2. Examine Aunt Ada's character using the following categories supported by quotations from the story:
Age: Older, because of her grey hair
Appearence: "Big and haggard, and her face wrinkled like elm bark, was spread thickly like a mauvish powder
Beliefs: Hitting children is okay....


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