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How do you think the author of the book feel about the war?

      I think the author feels that wars are very violent and I can see he likes peace more than fighting.
      I think the author prefers peace then wars because firstly he made the main characters Johnny and the Captain to show that he wanted peace and also showed that in the book there is more people agreed to fighting (Screewees) then peacemakers but usually it tells the peacemakers make the solution more suitable then the one who agrees to wars. The book’s content was that the aliens surrendered in the first section of the book but after a while the general took over commanded and started to fight. When the humans and the aliens started to fight there was a massive destruction told in the book.
      The author also tells that in wars woman are rare to be found. Because in the book where Johnny said that the captain was a girl (page 143) and when Kristy was surprised about it, it shows that in society it is not common for a woman to appear at war.
The last thing that I found what the author thinks about the war is in real wars there aren’t any imaginary stuff and there aren’t always a killing. I found this in the last page of the book which is when the aliens had escaped and nobody died. Also in the book it says that Johnny and Kristy’s dream had a different imaginary so the ship looked all different from Johnny’s dream (page 163). In this part the author showed in a real life war there aren’t any imaginary stuff that people can just dream about and there are some people who might die.
In conclusion, the author showed that he liked peace, women are rare to be found in wars and real wars aren’t imaginary stuff and there were be killing.


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