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Tatts the Way to Get Under the Skin

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  1. The heading uses a pun and double meaning. Explain both meanings.
  Like the statement generally used “That’s the way”, Hewitt uses this phrase but plays with the word ‘That’s’ and uses ‘Tatts’ a rhyming word, in her heading instead to relate to the article.
  “The way to get under the skin” has a double meaning; this statement refers to the arguments made by objectors voicing their disapproval of tattoos and also the fact that getting a tattoo involves literally getting under the skin with a needle.

  2. What do you think is the writer’s main contention?
  The writer’s main contention is that while others consider tattoos as ‘art’ she argues that the majority of people get tattoos for the wrong reason.

  3. List three reasons tattoos have become so popular.
      ➢ The need for the younger generation to be part of a tribe.
      ➢ A way of separating themselves from the middle-aged Baby Boomers and indicating a devil-may-care attitude.
      ➢ It’s a way of expressing their individuality and taste in art.

  4. List three reasons why tattoos are still controversial.
        ➢ Young people ignore the downside of tattoos, such as difficulty finding jobs, fading artwork and painful removal.
        ➢ Disregard for the long-term consequences.
        ➢ Celebrity culture has normalised tattoos and young people are vulnerable to them.

  5. Is there any evidence of the use of emotive language in this article? Give examples.
  The introduction in this article uses a strong emotive word to capture the writers Sue Hewitt’s opinion on the subject concerned, Hewitt uses the word ‘nightmare’ to refer to how mothers see tattoos, thus implying tattoos in a negative way.

  “Young people should read the research and have a long hard look at themselves before having graffiti scrawled across their bodies”
  This statement uses strong emotive language; the words graffiti and scrawled, these words...


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