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Border Issue in Mehglaya

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Fifth, I turn a visionary and question the entire gamut of there being a need for having a predefined blueprint at all, raising basic questions concerning the validity of the way humans live their life in an uncreative way.You cannot categorize such persons. They are indefinable. They simply refuse to be fitted in any preconceived notion.I do not know which option I am going to choose, but I must question the basic dynamics of living life with a direction in it. What happens when our eyes are there at the target? Target is only there in the mind and not in the sight! They simply miss what is there in their vicinity. They serve mind more than they serve the brain. Mind deals with illusions.
Brain deals with facts. Purpose makes us centered in the future in the dreams of it. Reality gets badly neglected. We turn a blind eye to the present. The direction that the purpose equips us with becomes our limitation. We are no more left free to wander into the domains of our curiosity. Without curiosity there is no creativity. Without creativity there is no quality. The quality of life suffers miserably.
This is what following-aims-blindly does to our life! But then, is wandering not the waste of time? Let it be! That is what the investment into creativity is! New directions will only be sought when old ones are said goodbye to!
The only precaution to be taken is that the NEW does not become our limitation too. Only a life without a blueprint can search for new vistas in the domain of human experience on earth. Moreover no aim is its own discipline in itself. The energy of creativity imbibes it with that! It is the joy of creativity that the curiosity generates into it, and which turns into the energy of action that the


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