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Miedia Censorship

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Media Censorship has always been a controversial issue around the world. Some countries have set strict rules as well as sufficient administrative power to control mass media, while others held=>hold free media as a way of expressing demotic opinion and a matter of democracy and accordingly have loose censor system. In my opinion, censorship is indispensible in a modern civic society, but it should be to a proper extent.
Nowadays lives of normal people have been kind of influenced by mass media in an unavoidable way. Statistics show that a 5-grade-schoolboy spends averagely 70% of his leisure time watching TV or surfing in=>on the Internet. It is not to imagine when he has all accesses to all kinds of news or images in the broadcast media. A proper censorship to the above mentioned media could therefore prevent juvenile from exposure to obscene scenes or languages.
However, the importance of censorship could sometimes been overestimated and thus free expression of art, political or ideological opinion would be curbed. It is widely approved that a prosperous and healthy society comprises various ideas and ideologies. A great example we could draw from the ancient Greek polis, where not only numerous great philosophers but also lots of artifacts like sculptures and architectures stem from. In contrast, censorship in an exceeding way would lead to the durance of thoughts or even the deformation of a society. We could draw a lesson from the German history during 1930’s under Nazi’s government.
Owing to the innovation of technique, the world has become “flat”. People of different ethnic group or of different religions live mixed in metropolitans of different countries. A mixed society requires also ideas and points of view crossing the boundary. Mass Media would better assist these social changes rather than restrain them.
In summary, government should censor mass media in aspects of controlling obscene and immoral words or scenes but meanwhile also be...


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