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What Is Family/Domestic Violence?

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Family Violence/ Domestic Violence

What is family/domestic violence?
Any act or threatened act of violence committed by a person against another person to whom such person is related by blood.

    • Family violence takes on a variety of forms.
    • Child, physical, sexual, financial, mental and emotional abuses. Domestic violence is the worst kind of violence.
    • Committed by someone you love, trust, respect and suppose to feel safe around with.
    • Family violence can happen between parents and children, parent and parent.
    • Domestic violence cases have too often been a low law enforcement priority, and the results have had tragic consequences.
    • U.S. Conference of Mayors concluded that domestic violence is a primary cause of homelessness in nine cities across the country.

    • Criminalization of Domestic Violence prevents further abuse
        o Recent study sponsored by the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that arresting batterers does indeed result in a decrease in their violent aggression towards their partners.
        o According to the study, most victims of domestic violence did not report any further abuse following the arrest of the batterers.
        o Furthermore, most of the men had no further criminal charges for abusing their partners after their initial arrest.
        o Arresting batterers was consistently related to reduced subsequent aggression against female intimate partners.
        o The research found no association between arresting the offender and an increased risk of subsequent aggression against women.
    • Restraining Orders prevent Domestic Violence
        o Can not protect every victim of domestic violence, they have made life safer for thousands of women.
        o Studies shown that women who obtain protection orders are less likely to be contacted, threatened or hurt by their abusers than women who...


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