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My Paper on Critical Thinking Journal Orwell

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  I. This is going to be about critical thinking journal on Orwell how he is a great in Politics and the English Language.

What Orwell is trying to do in the essay is show everyone some of the metaphors that should and shouldn’t be used in the English language as well the meaningless words that now days people are putting together in their owns ways.   We could understand more and use the English words in the right way.   Why does he put it al together? Orwell is a great politic he wants us to see the right way in using our English language.   Everything Orwell has said in his essay is the correct way we should use our words.   This is a little something that everyone should read so that they can understand each other better.   All people have their own way in talking and using their words.   Anything could mean anything it’s just all depends on how you are saying it and what you are meaning.   Everyone has their own way of talking, know what they mean.

III. 1.   Orwell is addressing the correct way to use the English language, also showing the incorrect way.
    2.   The conclusion is the English language has different meanings and phases and who is talking knows what he/she is saying and what they mean.
      3.   The reason for his conclusion is that everyone knows their own meanings of words and how they put them together as far as they are speaking to each other.

    5. The conflicts are that people use their English language in different ways bad
      and good with and without meaningless words.
      7D.   Orwell personal observation is English could be used in different ways and has different meanings to the words that are said.
      7F.   The research studies Orwell gave where to show how bad people could use their language with meaningless words with as well metaphors.

        11. Reasonable conclusions are possible that the English language has different meanings and different...


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