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Outsourcing Is the Future

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Overseas outsourcing between US and third world countries has
quickly become a controversial national issue. Some see outsourcing
as a way of maintaining or increasing a company's competitiveness;
however people view outsourcing from a negative prospective.
Companies tend to focus solely on the core company only, and
American workers are losing more jobs. Outsourcing is both good for
the U.S. and its host countries and should continue with minimal
regulation. Outsourcing provides decent jobs, and helps regulates
communications systems also benefits profits towards global economy.
Outsourcing made it possible to create job opportunities for
many workers; however studies imply that outsourcing effects
employment rate in America. Official figures put unemployment in the
United States somewhere between 9 and 10 percent. America will lose
more skilled workers due to relocation overseas. On the other hand
outsourcing provides responsibly to less developed countries to
provide jobs to their inhabitants. Outsourcing jobs also increases
employee productivity. Better paying jobs will replace the jobs sent
overseas. Recent studies like these shed new light on Americanization”
stated in “The Americanization Ideal” by Barbara Jordan. Jordan
advocates “Americanization means becoming a part of the polity
becoming one of us” meaning that America should endorse their jobs
to other countries for opportunities to build stronger nations like
America, and becoming like America. Although America suggest
building stronger nations, Some American companies prefer to help
themselves instead.
Americans greed can cause outsourcing companies to take care
of themselves. These American companies don’t pay for
compensations or benefits to cut down cost. In result the tax institutes
don't get the taxes they should be getting, meaning that certain
branches of national welfare will suffer from the loss of resources. As
the prominent...


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