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In 2025, I think the computer will affect both in a good and bad way.Good for those who really use it for buisness or learning and training, but bad for those who have been using it for more than half their lifetime.Those who are wasting their time on playing games, watching useless videos, and also surfing the web for the hell of it on stupid things.When people use it the computer for a good purpose then it will be fine, beacause you're not killing much brain cells. Matter of fact it will be helping those who are barely civilizing themselves.It would affect very badly when people are already everyday of every hour using the computer. Later on in 2025 those are the ones who will either be brain damaged or have a hunchback.According to studies people who watch t.v for more than 2 hours, is already killing a lot of brain cells. Now imagine if you're stuck in the computer form day to night.Thats hectic.you will be killing more brain cells than watchin regular tv.Since watching tv and computer is about the same thing.Also as years pass you will deform your back from leaning forward when you're using the computers, but that only depends on how well your posture is.In 2025 we'll probablly have new computer gadgets, or something more extreme than a computer. So either way copmuters aren't that bad in the society.


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