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A Critique of the Article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”

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A critique of the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is doing to our brains”

Nowadays we look for information on Google on various topics- from the weather forecast to scientific findings. Google enables people to conduct “everyday research” as well as professional and scientific research faster and more extensive than before. Still there are some drawbacks needed to be concerned.   Nicholas Carr argues in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” from July 2008 in The Atlantic that the increased use of Google is changing the way people read and thereby think. Carr states that Google is affecting the capacity of concentration and contemplation of its users in a negative manner.
The author starts his argumentation by introducing several anecdotal examples of the phenomenon. That way he manages to engage the interest of the reader and provides him with the chance to identify some of the “sympthoms” of getting stupefied by Google. Further Nicholas Carr bases his logical arguments upon an empirical research on online research habits and upon the statements of a developmental psychologist. Thus, the structure of the text helps build a logical and coherent argument easy-to-follow by the reader. Furthermore, the figurative language used appeals to all senses of the reader. Nicholas Carr uses mainly the first-person singular and plural and so stresses the direct relationship of the topic to the reader and engages his interest throughout the text.
However, the author’s arguments refer only to the capability of concentrated and in-depth reading and reflecting. He neglects the influence of having immediate access to all the information on the Net on other cognitive functions than reading. Moreover, the author focuses on Google, which is just a medium for the process, he is describing. There are other aspects of this phenomenon worth concern, i.e. the pace of life has quickened and so requires the ability of efficient receiving and processing of...


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