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Decision Making in Educational Organization

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Decision Making in Educational Organization

Yam P. Bhusal
Kathmandu University
School of Education
Bal Kumari, Lalitpur
April 2010

Decision Making in Educational Organization
Yam P. Bhusal

ABSTRACT. In this article decision making process in educational organization are discussed with several models. A classical, administrative, incremental, mixed-scanning and garbage can models can be used in educational organization as per the requirements of time and situation of that organization. Problem identification or perceive or understand the problem is the first stage as input; generate, evaluate and selection of the best solution is the second stage as process. Planning and implementation of selected alternatives is the third stage as output in decision making process in educational organization. In this way overall evaluation and modification of the entire process is the fourth stage as review of decision making process. However decision making process should be participative, open and democratic in educational organization.
Key words: Decision making models (Classical, Administrative, Incremental, Mixed-scanning, Garbage can model) Decision making Process,

Decision making is an act of logic to be done in a particular situation. It involves bringing to a resolution, making specific determination to achieve a result and then at least defining some of the limitations on how to achieve that result. It is a matter of value judgment and of wisdom. Generally decisions means choice made from available alternatives and decision making is the process of identifying problems and opportunities and resolving them. “A decision process is made up of a stream of action-taking steps that begins with claims by stakeholders drawn from signals that seem important and ends when a decision has been adopted” (Nutt, 1993). A decision making is a choice between alternatives. “Decision making is general pattern of action found in the rational...


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