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Sense of Hearing

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Sense of Hearing
I pulled into the large parking lot at the stadium and from the distance I could hear the echoing of the stadium announcer over the speaker system as he fed the crowd the score. As I walked closer to the stadium I could hear the low buzzing of the crowd and then all of a sudden the dead silence as the ball was delivered. Once the crack of the bat reverberated off of the stadium walls the crowd erupted in to a frenzied roar like a volcano erupting its fury for all to hear.   As I entered the stadium through the gates I could hear the chirping sound of the scan guns as they scanned in the tickets for entry. Chirp Chirp….Chirp….Chirp. Like a bunch of baby birds begging for food the scanners processed in the tickets one by one. Entering through the concourse of the stadium I can hear the sounds of the fans voices echoing off the tunnel walls.   I could hear the sound of cash registers working in harmony to conduct business. Chaching….chaching….chaching…beep…beep…beep all through the concourse with sodas, beer, peanuts, hotdogs and popcorn being sold all about. As I enter the stadium I can see the field of play and I hear the buzzing sound of the blimp above. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as it hovers over head. Everyone in their seats is active and lively as the await the next event on the field. I hear the repeated rhythmic jargon of the gentlemen selling sweet tea up and down the aisle. “Sweet tea…get your sweet tea…cold sweet tea! “ As I get closer to my seat I can hear the sound of the umpire behind the plate as he exclaims in a loud, demanding tone. The same tone an angry father would use when scolding his child for wrong doing. ”Strike 2!” he yells out. The crown erupts once again. Some screaming with excitement like they just received the best Christmas gift ever and other with a low rumbling boo that sounded like a crowd of cows acknowledging their disgust. “Strike 3!” the umpire yelled out again. The crowd even louder now as if to proclaim...


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