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Nick Carraway the Great Gastby

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While reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I can identify myself the most with Nick Carraway because of his sense of skepticism. I'm somewhat of an analytical person, and I think of him as being the most analytical. As the narrator of the novel, Carraway describes each event in a way that the reader fully understands, he analyzes the lives of all the characters without holding back any minor detail which made him a great narrator.

Carraway states in chapter one that he is “tolerant, open-minded, quiet, and a good listener.” Due to this quality others are able to trust and tell him secrets. I believe I have these qualities in myself which lets others to confide with me. Throughout the novel Nick is trusted by Mr. Gatsby and they become close friends. I am the same because I like to have the trust and respect of others and have friends not enemies so I make sure I am there for all of my friends and I don't create drama or betray any of them. If a friend is having a problem I am always “open-minded” and a “good listener.” So many conflicts arise in the novel but Nick does not involve himself in any of them which is a quality I hold. He is merely involved in the dramas occurring around him such as the affair of Gatsby and Daisy or Tom and Myrtle, which I also identify with.

Carraway is a very calm and peaceful person like I am. He witnesses drastic events such as death but he is still content. I do not like to involve myself in other peoples lives even if they are my close friend, I mind my own business and no matter what the own situation is I don't see a person differently, I am “tolerant.” I do not like surrounded myself with dishonest people which makes this quality in Jordan Baker a setback for Nick, he is not attracted to it. Carraway is a good man, he does not get himself into troubles and he had morals. He views the events in the novels but in no way is he involved in them. He is a quiet man much like I. If something is occurring I like to...


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