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Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?

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Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?

Christian Turner

COM 150

Abigail Uhrick 
Cosmetic surgery is a way to improve appearances, physical features, and defects. Many people believe cosmetic procedures are simple with no complications. But the people that research become aware of the benefits and risks before making a final decision.

The benefits in cosmetic procedures can improve looks which may boost self confidence (Dr. Mehmet, 2008). It can help lead to a better life, attain goals by being more active. Having a more portioned body and feeling comfortable may help to succeed in relationships, careers, and higher pay. Today people do not have time to manage daily task. Such as, exercise and diet. So they turn to easier ways to improve physical appearances. But in order to have a procedure preformed it is required to be a good candidate. So what makes a good candidate? A good candidate is physically and mentally healthy with no serious medical problems. Which includes a healthy body weight and do not smoke. Not to say, good candidates have no risk, but the risk are not as high for healthy individuals. On the other hand, the risks are to be considered for those without or with health issues. Such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, and depression. Age is a risk factor, surgeons recommend anyone under 18 and older than 60 have a greater risk for complications. For example, anyone under 18 has not completely developed and over the age 60 deaths may occur from cosmetic procedures (Dr. Anthony Labrro and Dr. Jackyln Muccria, 2007).   Some procedures are more risky than others, but it depends on health situations and the type of procedure being preformed.

There are over 100 cosmetic procedures with some kind of risk, but the popularity of these procedures continue to grow. The most popular cosmetic procedures with the highest risk are tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and facelifts. The risks for these procedures are blood clots, muscle...


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