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Because I Could Not Stop for Death 3

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I’ve never had to face the death of a friend until the beginning of my sophomore year. It’s never easy losing a friend, much less, several in one year. I was not prepared for the impact that death would have on me or my peers. The unfortunate events that have occurred in my school this past year have made death a reality for every student and citizen of Cuero.
This past year has been very tough on the whole town of Cuero, Texas. The lives of three young teenagers were lost to tragic events. The first to pass away was Cole. He died from a four wheeler accident July 26, 2009. Cole was going to be a senior in high school. He was a football star and loved by everyone. The news of his death shocked the whole community. Those closer to him were literally brought to their knees with grief. Through tears and laughter, we held on to his memory throughout the year.
The next to pass away was Isaac Gamez. He died February 22, 2010. He was a young father of two children and a loving husband. Unfortunately, he was involved in a long family rival that actually didn’t have anything to do with him. The fateful night occurred not far from his home. He and some of his family members involved in the rival got into an argument. A gun was pulled and Isaac jumped in front of his twin brother and was shot. Sadly for this family the rival continues.
Jeremy Perez was the third to pass away. He died May 14, 2010 from drowning in the Guadalupe River. He was going to be a senior in high school. He was a star drummer in the Cuero High School Band.   His story is a little twisted. Jeremy didn’t know how to swim and we all questioned what he was doing at the river.   He went missing Friday May 14th and they found his body Monday May 17th. When they found him, he had on new shoes, a wallet and cell phone in his pocket. Some people say he was pushed in, some say he fell in, but nobody will ever know what actually happened.   Jeremy’s death affected almost everyone in Cuero. It made the last few...


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