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Mri--the Most Useful Medical Imaging Technique

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MRI--The Most Useful Medical Imaging Technique

With the development of scientific technology, tremendous changes have taken place in health-care area. Various medical imagig techniques, like ultrasound, X-ray, CT (computerized tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), are springing up. Although each of them is suitable for different examinations, MRI is the most useful and advanced technique compared to others.
Compared to ultrasound, MRI has unbeatable advantages. One major disadvantage of ultrasound is that it often has difficulty with obstructions. By contrast, MRI images are section images, therefore, they are very clear and crisp.
It is well known that X-ray machine works with X-ray radiation which has great harmful effects on patients, especially on fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women can not take X-ray examinations.In contrast, MRI is a method without ionizing radiation. It is completely safe for all patients including fetuses and pregnant women.
Similar to X-ray plain films, CT examinations can cause great radiation injury to patients. In fact, CT scans use a relatively high amount of ionizing radiation compared to conventional X-ray imaging procedures. From this point, MRI’s advantages outweigh CT’s. In addition, MRI has unique merits on brains and spinal cords which can not be imaged well in CT films.
Although every technique has own advantages, beyond all doubt, MRI has overwhelming superiority over others. It is fit for all kinds of people except those who have metal implants inside the body. Also, it can show any tissues well, especially brains and soft tissues, except lungs and bowels. Some diseases can be detected only by MRI, such as early acute cerebral infarction and chronic bleeding. It has broader clinical applications than others.


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