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A Touching Experiance

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  I awoke to the fresh smell of morning. A vague image of my mum slowly came into view. It had been 3 days and 3 nights since I last saw sunshine. My mum looked relieved to see me finally live and kicking.

  I didn’t really bother asking mum what had happened.   Besides, I knew this was a relapse of a childhood illness. The same thing happened to me a few years back and I remember it all too clearly. Now that it was over and I was okay, it didn’t really matter to me anymore.

  As the day went by, I noticed the patient beside me was discharged. She was a little girl about aged ten.   I heard the little girl’s dad asking the doctor for the nearest church.

  I was puzzled, then, it struck me. All of a sudden, I realized that it was Christmas Eve. It was Christmas Eve and I was stuck in the hospital! I couldn’t believe it.

  In the midst of all this, it led me to the realization of something else. All this while, I was ignorant of the fact that my mum was standing beside me throughout this whole ordeal, together with the support of my siblings and my dad! It was Christmas Eve and yet my mum still stood by me, to take care of me, to keep me company, even though it was Christmas. She slept in the hospital beside me, just to let me know she was there.

I could see it in her eyes, a sense of relief and comfort. Her eye bags looked grey and heavy on her pale face. I must have put her through a lot of suffering.

  Later that night, my dad arrived with my siblings. To my surprise, they brought a whole lot of Christmas goodies along with them. We had a sumptuous Christmas dinner and a real good time opening presents.

  Dad had actually bought me a personal digital assistant for Christmas! This sort of thing usually cost a bomb but dad had actually bought it for me! It was my dream to have one of these in years! I was overjoyed!

  After this ordeal, I realized that we can never take our family for granted, because when you are down, nobody will...


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