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This article is about two NFL players and a third man missing since their boat capsized off the Florida coast. The chance of survival is very unlikely for the men. They’ve been in the water for more than two days, though their size and good health could help them fend off hypothermia. Hypothermia can set after 18 hours in 64-degree water, but the coast guard officials said that there was some hope. I think the men might survive. First of all their tough and healthy and their body can take more than any other normal man. The men have been in the freezing water for a couple of days now but I’m sure they’ve figured something out and are surviving in the freezing water. I truly agree with the officials and the coast guard. There is some hope in the NFL payer. They have a much larger physique than a lot of people, so their odds are going to be definitely in their favor.
I think the author is biased in a positive way towards the survival of these men. He states there’s hope for this men and he inspires me that these men will make it home alive. He has a positive attitude towards the situation and I would say the author’s tone towards this article would be concerned. He clearly states facts and the situation these men are in. He shares others views and concerns regarding the NFL players. He states how one of the player’s sister is very concerned and has been contacting the coast guard every few hours since the search has began. The families all have hope their loved ones will return safely and everything will be okay. I would have to say the overall organizational pattern of this article would have to be cause and effect. The article stated a cause, which was the tragedy of the boat capsized in the middle of the ocean and the effects of this situation, which were the NFL player’s lives and their chance of survival.


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