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Decriminalization of Marijuana

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Some of the biggest problems that our society is facing are the issues that are resulting from our nation’s current drug policy.   Each and every day there are hundreds of stories that run in every local newspaper that tell of lethal violence that occurs as a result of gang confrontations over drug related issues.   Many people believe that problems related to drugs are only affecting inner-city residents and low income citizens, but the truth is that the drug problems are actually are affecting everyone, both drug users and non-users alike.   It is my belief that the negative effects we associate with drugs would be greatly reduced if the United States would adopt a policy towards the total decriminalization of marijuana.   The current drug policy of our government is obviously failing, just as the prohibition of alcohol failed during the early 1900’s.   Drug laws have created corruption, violence, increased street crime, and an ever growing disrespect for the criminal justice system.   Current drug legislation has failed to reduce the demand for drugs, and in failing to do so, have funded criminal activity on the black market.   It's just too hard to monitor illegal substances when a significant portion of the population is committed to using drugs and have easy access to the drugs as they are readily available on the black market.   The drug war is failing, and it is because we make drugs illegal instead of actively controlling and regulating them.
Marijuana is the common name for the drug that is formed by the drying of the flower that grows on the cannabis plant.   It can be smoked, vaporized and inhaled, or even ingested.   The cannabis plant is not new to the United States, in fact it has been grown here ever since it was brought by Christopher Columbus, who used it to create hemp ropes, which were both stronger and longer lasting than other types of rope.   The hemp from the cannabis plant remained the most important source of rope until the development of synthetic...


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