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Apple Logo and Visual Identity

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Companies use logos as a form of identity as well as a way to separate themselves from their competitors. The physical form and visual effects of a logo help to incorporate both the social and moral foundation of the organization and stir the emotions of the targeted audience to achieve sales and profitability.   Through repetitive advertisements and personal ownership of product bearing the company logo, I can quickly associate the logo to the company and product lines offered.   One of the most popular logos in the media today, is that which belongs to Apple Computer, Inc. I will review its history, graphics, design, and meaning, using information provided in Visual Literacy course text, as a way of demonstrating my personal understanding to its visual intent
  The creation of the Apple logo occurred in the late 70’s, but my first recollection was in the early 80’s. The Integration of computers into the Florida school system occurred shortly after I graduated from High School. My initial exposure to the logo was through advertisements and later with computers supplied by my employer.   I remember the current day logo of an apple with one bite missing and it being multi-colored.   In researching the current image, I recently discovered that there was, in fact, a logo briefly used prior to the iconic apple.   This, along with the current image, is in an article (2007) on the applegazzette.com website, regarding the history of the apple logo.
  With the exception of the initial logo, the Apple logo has remained the same for over 30 years, with the only changes being the colors used.   The function of the art used to produce this image, is dominantly persuasive and convictive as described in Gowans theory (Berger, 2008, p7).   The apple mirrors the name of the company, but it is an apple figuratively speaking. At first glance, the image is simply an apple, but with analytical reasoning, which comes from the left side of the brain, I can associate the bite missing from...


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