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India's Leadership Qualities

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India is moving at fast pace towards development. The country has changed upside down in last five years. Growth is almost twice every year. Today, Indians are leading in almost every field. Leaders from India are getting top positions in companies and even companies of Indian origin are growing.
There is no doubt that India has what it needs to lead the world. If things goes on at the present pace, I m pretty sure that India would take over a a leader of this world in a decade or so..

we cannot assume a line leading from now into the future. The future is unknown and there are plenty of stumbling points for India. There is the potential for renewed conflict with Pakistan or less likely China, of the Naxalites continuing creating chaos, of India discovering that it lacks the infrastructure to grow or many other possible 'unknown unknowns' that we have not thought of yet.
Remember Japan in the 1980s was being touted as being likely to overtake the USA and become a superpower itself, it did not happen. This is not to say that India and Japan are at all similar, they are not in most respects. But it does show that predictions can be wrong. Similarly was the break up of the Soviet Union which almost no one expected.[2] Say for example India broke up then it would not be in a position to lead anywhere (except the process of devolution).
It may not even be something catastrophic but a change in the global economy. In 1700 would people have predicted an industrial revolution in the next 100 years making a small European Island a superpower rather than immensely greater powers such as Mughal India? (still around in 1700 but not for particularly long


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