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The Glass Castle 7

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In the memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls considers her father as a person who makes poor decisions that affect her family and herself negatively. Walls discussed the conflict of her father through alcoholism and a responsibility as a father throughout this memoir.

  The author mentions her dad, Rex Walls, as a provider, which views her dad takes some part duty as a dad. He does not recognize his children true living conditions without their full support. When her “[dad] noticed that [his kids does not] carry lunch bags [to school],” it made him “acted outraged” (Walls 77). This shows Rex has a way of thinking for his children which Jeannette views to be the first time Rex sees his children going hungry. This sounded like Rex has the lack of care to be concerned about the conditions at home. The author seems to accept the way her father looks up to his children even when her parents do not support their kids well. Walls manifest the conflict of her father as an alcoholic that make his family sees him like he is not part of them because he does not appear much at home. Rex causes violence after he had went out to drink and took all of his anger the droves by drunkenness towards his family. Since “drunk[ers] [does not] remember their rampages” (Walls 112). This tells that the author believes that it is not Rex fault to act vile and he does not mean to caused problems. However, it is Rex fault for putting the alcohol inside of him. The readers thinks that if Rex realized the problem he had caused, then Rex would have tried to control himself while he was drunk, that could be impossible. It is hard for Rex to control himself especially when he is unconscious, and he did try to cease himself with alcohol for the better of her family and Jeannette.

    The author conveys through his father heart who loves Jeannette that he would try to give up alcohol for her as a present. Like when Rex tries to “stop drinking” and he would “die trying” for Jeannette....


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